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Prepare | Achieve | Create | Evolve


Our Story 

PACE is part of the IQR Group, which is made up of businesses owned and operated by Christina Morales, all with the same core values of inclusion, quality, and respect. The IQR Group also includes Piece of the Puzzle Behavior Analysis and Bumblebee Academy. Like with each of the businesses that Christina has developed, she was inspired by her son Vinny.


As a behavior analyst and parent to a teen with ASD, Christina has implemented the ACT Matrix with Vinny to help him be present, accept his own thoughts and emotions, and act in alignment with his own values. Christina’s knowledge combined with Vinny’s feedback about his own experience has helped shaped the direction of this teen program.


She identified a need within our community to provide a place of support and opportunity for teens who may thrive while learning and socializing in different ways than many of their peers. There is often a gap in support for students beyond elementary school but before adulthood. PACE aims to bridge that gap and provide coaching and camaraderie for young people developing the life and social skills that will set them up for success as young adults. Along their journey through PACE, they will prepare, achieve, create, and evolve.

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