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Our Story:

The founder of Believe & Achieve is Christina Morales, the CEO of IQR Group and an autism mom raising her son, Vinny in the Vero Beach area. As a mom and business owner, Christina has grown and evolved her businesses as she recognizes needs within our community. With each stage of Vinny’s life, Christina has encountered barriers that she had to overcome in order to get Vinny what he needed most. Sometimes, that meant creating a program or business herself. Knowing how many families face financial barriers and lack of access to support services needed, the idea to create a non-profit organization to alleviate those barriers was born. Christina has learned to never place limitations on what Vinny can achieve and believes all learners in our community deserve the same.


Believe & Achieve imagines providing learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other varying developmental disabilities with resources that accompany them from the very beginning of their educational journey all the way through high school and their transition to adulthood. We believe providing support that meets each learner exactly where they are, allows them to grow at the pace that suits them best. These resources can help to provide an inclusive environment where learners feel safe, happy, and engaged, paving the way for them to discover there are no limits to their potential.



At Believe & Achieve, our mission is to open doors to resources for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other varying developmental disabilities. We assist families in accessing the therapeutic and educational support needed for their child to progress and thrive. Our organization aims to alleviate barriers that may hinder a family from having access to necessary support and ultimately create a more inclusive community.

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