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Every community should have an initiative to enrich the lives of all residents. The goal of this project is to accommodate the special needs of individuals with disabilities while providing opportunities for them to participate in programs that will integrate them into their community. The Community Inclusion Project aims to meet the needs and interests of the community with events and ongoing programs that will include but not be limited to:​​

Fitness | Swimming | Outdoor Play | Gardening | Theater | Music | Dance | Movies

The IQR Group is comprised of businesses that each focus on supporting individuals with disabilities at various stages of life. Each of the specialized programs offered through these businesses requires highly skilled and experienced professionals to develop and facilitate these services. With quality being one of the core values, it is crucial that ongoing support and development opportunities be offered to these professionals. Investing in these educators and therapists is a direct investment in the individuals they serve. Below are some of the programs that we aim to enhance.

Essential Skills Development Pre-school & Elementary program- specifically designed for learners who need to build their essential skills prior to moving into the Elementary Foundations program or another elementary program.

Elementary Foundations program- this program implements a non-traditional teaching method that supports children needing to catch up or get ahead academically.

PACE Teen Life & Social Skills Group- PACE aims to bridge the gap in support for individuals beyond elementary school but before adulthood and provide coaching and camaraderie for young people developing the life and social skills that will set them up for success as young adults.

Include & Connect Parent Network

Include and Connect is a parent network for parents of children with unique abilities. This network will be a place where families can learn from each other, share resources, and come together to help create a more inclusive world for our children and each other. One goal of this program is to be able to offer parent and family meetups, parent education workshops, and much more at no or minimal cost to families.

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